Here are a few snippets of my work.

It’s All About the Surfing – submitted to Surfer Magazine

In fact, everything I did just to get to Costa Rica seemed like it was about the surfing. From the yearlong self-help program I enrolled myself in to prepare for this adventure, to the in-country plane ride my husband and I took to get to Montezuma. Imagine a VW bus with wings, revving up on a cold Washington, DC morning. Its idea of take off was bobbing to the end of the runway and hoping the wind would pick it up as it drove off the cliff. But it would get us to surfing, right? Sweet.

The Doc Reviewer Hustle – submitted to Above The Law

Long gone are the days when an experienced doc review attorney could make $35 an hour + OT on a 40-60 hour per-week assignment, including gas/metro reimbursements, and dinner (lunch too on the weekends) for about six to eight weeks. Now-a-days $30-32 seems to be the norm, often with no OT pay (a subject for another post), and a required 30-minute unpaid lunch break. With bus, metro, breakfast, and lunch, I spent $18 a day on a project recently. I could barely afford child-care (also a subject for another post). But I just bought a house, so I feel fairly confident that I can continue to work as a doc reviewer and pay my bills. 


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