Getting the Word Out

As I prepare for my January 1st launch, I’ve devised a plan of how to inform my various networks about my business.

Last week, I sent an email to a group of people who are or have been small business owners. People like Hilary B., who has her own lawn and garden business. Or Michelle C., who works part time as a massage therapist at Elizabeth Arden in Gaithersburg but also sees private clients. I value their perspectives, especially since it is small business owners like them I’m trying to reach.

This week I’m telling my family members. I come from a big extended family and I’m excited to have some news to share. I value their support and encouragement. I’m going to need it!

Next week I plan to share my news with my LinkedIn connections. I’ll post on Facebook right before the launch, as well to my community list serves. There is still more launch prep to do, but having this plan of how to inform my networks helps me gear up for the launch too.

Word-of-mouth promotion is probably the best type of advertising a small business can invest in, and it’s free. Once hired, focusing on doing a good job will not only please your customer but hopefully leave a good impression so that when s/he speaks to someone else about your services, you get a glowing recommendation. And possibly another client.

– Shazia

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Giving In To Fate

I’ve been heading in this direction for a while.

Getting out of the traditional work week mindset … starting my own business … looking at work as a creative outlet instead of just work. Realizing that working for a living can be a fun way to spend a few hours. The journey down this path has been enlightening indeed. Along the way I watched family and friends start their own businesses, to varying success. Opening my own business seems like a natural progression of the epic story that is my life. So here I go.

Today I announced to a select few friends my intention to open my own consulting company, Shazia Anwar Consulting. The official launch is January 1st, as generic and hopeful a date as ever. As I put the final touches on my big plans, I want to give a shout out to my Loving Husband who continues, day after day, to offer me his love, support, and encouragement at every step of this trip. And a trip it has been.

Stay tuned here at Doin’ It for more on how starting and owning your own small business is playing out. Thanks for joining me.

– Shazia

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